Giving Away My Daughter, the Wedding Day

21 10 2013

Several weeks ago I had the privilege of walking my baby girl down the aisle and then doing an about-face and performing the marriage ceremony.  It was a sacred, holy and God-honoring time.  My biggest fear?  Tears.  How do you look at your daughter of 28 years and perform the ceremony to give her “away?”  As I started by sharing some personal stories, we both cried.  But then I had the privilege of speaking a ten-minute message to this husband and wife to be.

I take personal issue with long and boring wedding messages that are more about the messenger than the couple receiving the message.  I decided that four quick points would suffice (how many listeners would remember even one of them?).  1. Marriage is a creation act of God; it’s from the beginning.  Therefore, it precedes Christianity by a few thousand years (Genesis 2:24).  That said, Christ agreed with this creation act, as the New Covenant was about to unfold, one man with one woman – a holy union (Matthew 19:4-6). 2. The purpose of marriage is not to have my needs met or even marrying the right person.  The purpose of marriage is about becoming the right person, a Christ-like person, as the challenges of married life grow us up.  3. The “why” of marriage is our personal marriage mission statement.  As God had a mission in sending His Son, we too have a mission in marriage.  4. Always, always, always remember the six most important words in marriage, “I am sorry, I was wrong.”  And, consider making it nine words with the addition of: “Please forgive me.”  Congratulations my beautiful one.





3 responses

21 10 2013
Marty & John

How lovely! How wonderful! What a blessing for you and them!


22 10 2013
Matthew Thomas

Love this message!!!


20 11 2013

An awesome reminder!


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