Ways in which Husbands Hurt Their Wives

5 05 2014

IMG_0605Driving home from my office one winter day I heard the question, “When is the last time you thanked your wife for doing the laundry?” I couldn’t remember. There are those many mundane jobs that we as husband and wife accomplish on a daily basis and simply forget to be appreciative of one another’s servant heart. We each need that voice of affirmation from our spouse routinely. While it’s nice to receive a complement from a stranger, it’s far more significant to have your spouse speak or act in a way that simply blesses us. The following are examples of some of the failures that we make as husbands when we all too often take our wives for granted. See if you can identify with any of them and/or perhaps add to the list.  (The picture in this blog is Harold and Betty, my in-laws who are age 93 and 92, married for 74 years still loving Jesus and one another.)



He fails to thank his wife for all the daily mundane duties she accomplishes in the home without complaint.

He forgets to tell her how amazing and beautiful she really is to him.

He speaks more negative words than he does positive, encouraging and affirming words.

He fails to initiate praying for her and with her.

He puts her down publicly.

He doesn’t hold her hand or be affectionate with her outside times of intimacy.

He often fails to take the time to just listen to her.

He forgets to date her or date nights are too infrequent.

He puts off regular maintenance around the home or fails to help her with inside duties.

He complains about her spending rather than thanking her for spending wisely.

He speaks down to her, insinuating she is clueless.

He fails to accept her as she is without suggesting improvement.

He fails to consistently remember important calendar dates throughout the year.

He does not take responsibility and apologize for his mistakes, as well as, to be forgiving when his spouse apologizes to him.

He stops trying to win her with small gifts for no reason.

…. He who loves his wife loves himself. (Ephesians 5:28b)








5 responses

5 05 2014

Great post Steve. I am thankful to say there are hardly any on this list that applies to my husband – now. So glad we hung in there through the Season where there would have been checkmarks next to most of them. I am assuming there will be a posting soon to follow how wives hurt our husbands?? :(



5 05 2014

Ha, thanks! Yes, we will pick on the ladies next week. Stay tuned! Steve


5 05 2014
Omondis In Kenya

Thank you, Steve. Good words — and I’m sure you will also tell the wives what we are doing ‘wrong’? Love the picture!


8 05 2014

Thank you Steve for reminding me some of the things I should not be doing! Keep doing this good work.


8 05 2014

Thanks, my dear friend! It helps when people like yourself take the time to comment on a post. Next week we will pick on the ladies. :)


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