Celebrating 75 Years of Marriage

17 11 2014

IMG_0229 My wife’s parents recently celebrated 75 years of marriage. It seems the long ago story was that they were asked by some friends of theirs to stand in as witnesses for an out-of-state wedding before a local Justice of the Peace. While there, Harold and Betty decided to do the same – “tie the knot.” They were the very mature ages of 19 and 17. After saying, “I do,” Harold dropped Betty off at her family home while he drove to his without mentioning a word to either of their parents. Recently, having the opportunity to sit down with them, we asked this pointed question, “What were your marriage secrets in maintaining a healthy relationship for seven and a half decades?” The following is written as they spoke it.

  1. We honored our wedding vows daily. We meant what we spoke to one another. Regardless of life circumstances, our vows were never in question.
  2. We both received into our heart Jesus as our Savior and made Him Lord of our lives early in our marriage. He made all the difference in the world for us and in raising our children.
  3. Having regular fellowship with like believers helped us and encouraged us to stay together. We were held accountable by those relationships.
  4. We felt responsible to bring up our eight children with the truth of God’s word. Now with many grandchildren, great- grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren they are our “mission field.” We pray daily for them.
  5. As we spend our days in our recliners, with our children now caring for us, we are trusting the Lord to keep us while we wait for Him to take us to our eternal home. We are ready to go home.

Thank you, Harold and Betty, for fighting the good fight, being a godly and loving example of marriage to your family and hundreds of other families. We love you!



5 responses

19 11 2014
Omondis In Kenya

This is so, so, so very and deeply encouraging. How can any of us ignore such powerful and proven advice. God bless you all! Thank you , Steve, for writing it.


19 11 2014
Merle Shenk

Wonderful post!

Thanks, Merle

Senior Elder House of Praise Cape Town, South Africa http://www.capetownhop.com


19 11 2014

Thank you!


28 11 2014
Lee DeMatos

Thank you Steve for sharing your family with the world! Looking at their start, you could throw all kinds of verbal death at their future… but God ! 2 kids that spent their lives following Jesus with their lives & their marriage.
Great inspiration!
Lee DeMatos,
Sr. Elder


28 11 2014

Thanks, Lee. Yes, what a heritage…a legacy.


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