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Steve loves God, loves God’s people, and loves those who are searching for Him.  He also loves his family, including Mary, his wife of 44 years, three adult children, all who are married and three grandsons. Steve is the author of  seven books and co-author of two more.  He is currently working on his next project, titled Staying Together, Marriage: A Lifelong Affair.  Steve serves full-time as a pastoral overseer at DOVE International, a ministry which takes him all over the globe teaching, training, and supporting church leaders.

Steve earned his Masters in Human Services degree from Lincoln University.  He loves times away with his best friend, Mary and he really enjoys spending time in the mountains.


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14 03 2011
Brian S

Just checkin’ as to what you’re doin’


11 04 2011
Carolyn S

I cannot tell you how many blogs I read that talk about…NOTHING!! I couldn’t care less that a person has had a peach for breakfast or that they’re mad at the guy who cut them off on the road. It is a blessing to read a blog of substance that is written in a great style and length. Go Steve, GO!


11 04 2011
Steve G.

It’s good material, Steve!


11 04 2011

Was curious. Wish we had this when Don and I were courting. Was just in the Rocky Mountains this past weekend. Had a great time scrap-booking with friends at Kickin’ Back Inn. Hunted briefly with a camera. Hi to Mary.


11 04 2011
Marcia S.

Awesome stuff Steve!


25 07 2011
Ephraim T.


There is a lot of wisdom in your writing. My prayer is that many more people may get the opportunity to read it. Write more!



29 02 2012
Anne-Marie House

Should be in bed asleep Steve, but checked out DCFI’s website for 1st time this eve and found such wonderful posts on your blog. Don’t know if you remember me, Anne-Marie, and my husband Richard (from Bethel Church in SC)? Richard took a job upstate about an hour and a half a way and comes home when he can. We are waiting on God re: the sale of our home. I am in my 4th year of homeschooling our 2 children. I find your writings and scripture verses encouraging and will have to come back here again to read more! I will be attending my 1st “Encounter” weekend in April 2012 and am excited to see what God has planned for me (and my family). Hello and blessings to you and Mary!


29 02 2012

Thank you, Anne-Marie. It is truly a blessing to hear that others are reading and receiving something from the blog. I look forward to being with you all in SC this May. Abundant grace to you as you discern the Father’s leading for your family! Steve


7 05 2012

Steve – I just wanted to thank you for your faithfulness. You came and spoke to the Broadlands Community Church’s Mens’ Retreat and introduced us to the book “Killing the Lion”. I read it that night and, from that day have been set free from bondage to sin in a way that I could not believe was possible.

Since that time I have received the gift of tongues and am experiencing Joel Chapter 2 on a regular basis (because I’m both a young man and an old man, depending on whether you’re my dad or my son).

My life is radically different thanks to your faithfulness in addressing the hard, heart issues. I wanted to thank you because I’m pretty sure that I would not be where I am today (after 30 years as a Christian) without your ministry that evening.


8 05 2012

Wow, thanks, Michael, so much for the encouragement. I am blessed to know you and hear of your amazing growth in Jesus! I feel honored to be a part of your life and will hopefully see you again soon. Steve


9 11 2013
greg riutzel

Steve, Passing by and noticed your blog. Good stuff. Automotive at Mt. Joy Vo-Tech 1970-71?


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